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About PTI Design

Designed to deliver

PTI Design grew from a market need for an industrial design and product development firm that not only could conceive great product ideas, but also have the knowledge and capability to convert these ideas into finished products.

PTI Design uniquely taps into more than 25 years of experience to bring great products to market. Our ideation team, designers, engineers and manufacturing experts work closely together – from that first “napkin” sketch and preliminary design to performance engineering and manufacturability – to ensure efficient delivery of great, high-quality products.

A heritage in precision manufacturing

PTI Engineered Plastics delivers endurance to the auto industry, clean precision to the medical community, durability to the electronics industry and performance to event sports products, and is the manufacturing partner of PTI Design. For more than 25 years, PTI Engineered Plastics has been the preferred manufacturing partner of companies that depend on superior-quality products getting to market quickly and efficiently.

It is PTI Engineered Plastics’ trademarked P3™ product-to-market process that quickly moves designs into prototype and directly into production.

Like PTI Design, PTI Engineered Plastics’ new state-of-the-art 114,000-square-foot production facilities were built to meet customers’ demands for sophisticated production techniques, medically approved cleanroom production, rapid prototyping, quick turn-around, and value-added assembly services.