Leveraging the Power of Imagination
Leveraging the Power of Imagination

Design Process

Successfully Designed Products
Benefit All of Us

From the very first meeting until your product comes out of production, we’re engaged with you every step of the way. Our process assures that all parties are informed and tuned-in to the development of your product. The result is a successful design.


The term “define” is obvious, to identify the scope of work for your product design. But what is not always obvious is the approach we take at PTI Design. Through a customized Q&A approach, we’re able to conduct a very calculated interview with our clients to quickly understand their needs and identify possible issues from the start; saving time while preventing potential problems.

Shortly after our initial meeting, we’ll assemble an estimate based on the information provided during the interview process. This estimate will identify the scope of work and which phases are required moving forward.


We take a holistic approach to problem solving by utilizing every possible resource, here and abroad. We start by studying current trends; retaining what is working and what can be improved. We then explore unrelated markets — even mother nature herself — using cross analysis as a mechanism to bring a creative new perspective to your product’s design; never losing sight of form, function, feasibility, cost, market demand, trends and profitability. This “think different” technique is essential in how we propel beyond the latest trends towards new and innovative products.

We get our hands dirty. Although technology is making research easier, we believe that solutions aren’t simply found on a computer screen; some things can only be learned hands on. Through immersion, we place ourselves into your product culture and brand, allowing us to understand the challenges we may face and bypass any hurdles very early in the project. A meeting is called to discuss the Discovery Report and prepare a game plan towards a successful product design.


As we enter the design phase, things really begin to take shape. Concepts are explored though a series of ideation sketches, rough mock ups, hand-sculpted form studies, material exploration, 3D renderings and color studies. We then meet with the client to review concept solutions and potential manufacturing possibilities.

We encourage our clients to be involved throughout the process. We want to ensure that the end design of your product meets your vision.

Once the final concept has been approved, we proceed with refinements and begin the development and manufacturing process.


This is the next stage before production begins. Our product design and engineering team collaborate, producing working 2D drawings, material specifications, 3D CAD models, prototypes, manufacturing and cost analysis. By keeping manufacturing at the forefront of development, we’re able to ensure a successful product design without compromise.

Moving into development, the client will now experience their product design first hand. We offer a number of prototyping and model types to choose from, depending on your needs and budget, ranging from 3D printed SLA models to semi-to-fully functional prototypes for evaluation. From this, we can assess ergonomics, functionality and durability, making any adjustments as needed as we prepare for the Deploy stage.


This is the final phase as we prepare to launch your product into production. PTI Design is a full-service design firm, capable of taking your product from concept to completion, or “art-to-part,” as they say in the industry. We’ve spent years building strong relationships with our manufacturing affiliates, streamlining the process of getting your product to market quickly and efficiently.