Design Services

Driven by innovation and technology, we’re constantly growing the limits of design for manufacturing. We are excited at the chance to discuss your product idea, and invite you to our design firm for a free consultation.

Design Process

In the design industry, ideation is defined as the process of exploration and research, sketching and benchmarking. This is the stage where your concept begins to evolve and develop into a tangible solution.

About PTI Design

PTI Design has an impressive body of work that spans over a number of markets, including medical, defense, automotive and consumer products. We design with manufacturing in mind, supplying all the necessary design elements for production.

We’re not your traditional design firm, we’re a progressive product design firm focused on transforming cutting-edge ideas into real-world solutions.

PTI Design was cultivated through manufacturing, structured as a full-service product design firm. We develop products that go beyond aesthetics by considering the entire user experience and emotional connection with the product. We utilize every technology and material available to successfully achieve your vision, including plastics, metals and electronics. Every part we design goes through a series of design phases, from renderings to functional prototypes, to assure that it not only achieves its intended purpose but exceeds expectations.

Product development begins here:

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A Sample of Our Work

Every design project is unique. These case studies may help to illustrate how we tackle such a diverse product market.



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Thermo Fisher

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Dabir Surfaces

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Wire Management

Dental Hygiene

Holter Monitor

Surgical Ligation Device

Package Design