Leveraging the Power of Imagination
Leveraging the Power of Imagination


iZone by StanceCheck

The Challenge: To Conclude Comprehensive Research and Design for Manufacturing

iZone is a training aid for athletes and coaches who are looking to strengthen an athlete’s view of the ball from the pitcher to the plate or the clubface to the tee. By using snap-in blinders, iZone forces the player to identify and strengthen their dominate eye, resulting in a higher degree of focus on the target. StanceCheck was looking to manufacture a sport styled and rugged training aid that could be effectively produced for retail distribution.

Design Solution

Design Solution: Phase I

Bringing Sports Technology to Market.

StanceCheck approached PTI Design with a compelling concept as a grade one prototype. Our role was to take that concept to the next level by providing further insight on design, functionality, ergonomics, materials, branding and manufacturability. We began with ideation drawings, exploring related products, fitting concerns, hinge function, comfort cues, styling and material durability.

3D Renderings

Design Solution: Phase I

How Concepts Take Shape.

In a short time, we migrated from concept drawings to technical development on the computer. We created several 3D renderings that were useful in visualizing the new styling in a virtual space, providing a 360° view for the customer to observe. By working digitally, we were able to swap out color and explore surface options on the fly, which was very beneficial in material selection with the client before moving into the production phase.


Design Solution: Phase III

Get a Feel For Your Product.

Ideation drawings are fantastic for narrowing down design aesthetics and features, but nothing is more enlightening than a working prototype. Models were formed using materials such as foam board, clay and various resins. As development continued, we created 3D printed models to assist in ergonomics and feasibility analysis. We then supplied various functional prototypes for final review in preparation for manufacturing.

FDM MODEL: Gen 1–with modeling clay
FDM MODEL: Gen 2–two-piece Component Development
FDM MODEL: Preliminary Gen 2–one-piece

Final Product Design

Final Design Solution

Standing Room Only:

Hard work and vision paid off. The Stance Check team brought their product line to market, and the response was outstanding. Onlookers at the buyer show were lining up to see this new technology up close — some were even offering to purchase the prototypes on site! Production is already in progress, with sales outpacing projections.